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Regarding deployment period, we will take at least Forty-five to Sixty (45-60)working days after confirmation the visa documents from The Concerned Embassy of the relevant country. If the rep, of the company is available during the trade test,he can submit , the documents with the passports , in this case workers can be deployed within Three to four (3-4) weeks. This services we can appreciate our valued Clients.

We can guarantee for each recruit up to the completion of the contract and if in case any worker not suitable, stick and misbehave from the job we will bear all his cost pf repatriation to send him to his country , also provide you the replacement after receiving the new visa from your good self. All this services free , bank guarantee of 15% of the ticket cost sector will provide . This guarantee will be refundable as per mutual consent by both parties.


Our representative (s) will visit job site and the offices of the employer to assist them on various personnel related affairs. If required special visit is also possible, such a visit boosts up the moral of the workers.

B) WAGE REMITTANCE SERVICE: If necessary , we will provide the services of all money transfers between the worker and his family including bank account operation.

C) LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP: We never consider our business and ultimate relationship with our principal on a single deal basis. Our objective is to have sustained growth record and with this end. In view post deployment follow up are always made a part of our search for excellence will never die. We make things happen we would never consider success as our ultimate goal, which on the contrary is regarded as by product, we attach priorities to the relative Parameters, Cost, Quality, Time, Optimal Quantity and Service build them strong enough in order to make something happen. We have believed that no task is bigger than the will force of ( Indian Manpower ) to ask is small for them and no deadline is impossible to accomplish.

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Documents need as per Rules & Regulations.

1.   POWER OF ATTORNEY:To be attached by the chamber of commerce , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of in your country.

2.   DEMAND LETTER:To be attached by the chamber of commerce , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of in your country.

3.   EMP. AGREEMENT:To be attached by the chamber of commerce , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of in your country.



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If you are successful in being shortlisted for a role, a Consultant should be in contact within 2 weeks from your application.
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